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I'm surprised receiving many feedback from visitors of this page. I realize that my time is very limited. But, any way, I keep trying to update this page on my best. Finally, I provide all my visitors with my own MicroChart, a chart of all instruction list for MCU 51 Family and several useful information regarding the function of that MCU. Have fun! Click here.

The Purposes
I make this site to serve information about small microcontrollers, especially 89C51 (my favourite small microcontroller). I encourage the reader to contribute any articles to be published in this site. Many articles are in Bahasa Indonesia. This means the articles are built to cover Indonesian people as I am. You may contact me at hsutanto76@yahoo.com

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Educational Programs
whitearr.gif (826 bytes) Tutorial 8X51
Link ini akan memberikan tutorial tentang prosesor keluarga Intel 8X31 dan 8X51.
whitearr.gif (826 bytes) Tutorial SEEPROM
Link ini akan memberikan tutorial tentang Serial EEPROM 24CXX I2C.
whitearr.gif (826 bytes) Project **In progress**
Link ini akan memaparkan beberapa  project yang pernah author buat.
whitearr.gif (826 bytes) MicroChart new.gif (324 bytes)
Kartu bantu yang berisi rangkuman instruksi.
bullet.gif (71 bytes) Tutorial 6805 Family
bullet.gif (71 bytes) Component Selling
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